How Often Should I Post?

Is frequency in social media posting important?  Yes of course it is.  If the last Tweet or blog post was about the Christmas party in 2001 you are in trouble.  But should you be focused solely on the frequency of your posts?

No, you should be more worried about the quality of your posts.

Understand how often you share content on social media whilst still maintaining a high level of quality.  This should equate to strong levels of engagement.

Sustaining a good engagement score is imperative.  If you use social media monitoring tools such as Klout or SproutSocial be aware of the level of engagement you are generating.  If posting to LinkedIn or Facebook as a business (either via a Company Page or a Facebook Page) you should keep your eye on the engagement numbers (clicks and social actions as a ratio to impressions) of your company status updates and posts.
Engagement Score Decline
Regardless of the actual score you get in Klout or the numbers on LinkedIn, be sure to spot trends.  Are you gaining less followers (percentage growth) and is your engagement score heading down?  Then you need to stop everything.  Cease and desist.  Use this time to assess what you are doing wrong.  An individual post which gets weak engagement or a blip in your Klout is acceptable; as long as it is an anomaly.  If you start to see this as a trend which consistently dips without coming back up, then you need to worry.

A dropping engagement score is very hard to pick back up.  Think about the experience that you are giving your Followers, connections and fans…

  1. They read your content.
  2. It is poor quality or irrelevant.
  3. They read your content.
  4. It is poor quality or irrelevant.
  5. They don’t read your content again.

“There’s an old saying in Tennessee – I know it’s in Texas, probably in Tennessee – that says, fool me once, shame on – shame on you. Fool me – you can’t get fooled again.”
George W. Bush – speech in Nashville, Tennessee, September 17th 2002

Your target audience doesn’t have infinite time to waste on trivial content.  There are over 400million Tweets sent every day, over 2billion status updates seen a week on LinkedIn, 100 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube every minute.  You aren’t the only person they are following.  They can get better content elsewhere.  They have moved on.

You’ve just been Unfollowed.

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  1. Hong Kong Pughy

    June 1, 2014 at 00:41

    Completely agree Alex, the quality and relevance is far more important than frequency. It frustrates me when companies I follow share updates irrelevant to me or my geography.

    It is so easy to target your updates to the right audience on Linkedin but posters from company pages seem to think that the wider reach the better. It definitively isn’t… you’ve just been unfollowed.

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