Congratulations! You are the highest fee earner in your recruitment business.

Does being labelled a top biller make you more successful?  Sure you feel a great sense of pride and you have a boost knowing that you have made an impact.  But once you look past that, how do your clients and candidates feel about this?

What if we stopped giving people an award of “top biller” and instead gave people an award for being the best recruiter?  What if we celebrated making the most placements or delivering the best service or impacting our clients’ business?

I know it is semantics, but the words you use create labels for you as an individual and as a business.  “Biller” automatically signifies that you are making money from people.  People don’t have a problem with buying, but many do have a problem with being sold to.  Recruitment shouldn’t be about sales.  It should be a transaction where one persons’ skills, knowledge and expertise are exchanged for money.  It shouldn’t feel like you are being sold to.

“Are you demonstrably helping the organisation achieve its strategic objectives?”  Jeff Grout

Surely as a recruitment consultant your aim isn’t to sell the most, but to make the right connections between candidates and clients.  Would you push a placement through that you knew wasn’t right because it meant more money?  A top biller, a cold blooded sales machine might.

“Top Biller” is a dangerous title in my mind.

Reward for number of successful placements by all means, and that may be exactly the same as being the top biller, but just don’t call it that.  Remember: the best sales people don’t sell anything.  They just get their clients to buy from them.

Sadly we haven’t heard from @TopBillerLedge in a while… but here is what comes to mind when I think of the title “Top Biller”.