Do you measure the return on investment of your telephone?  Probably not completely.  The return on investment from your phone won’t dictate if you renew your phone contract, although you do expect good service at a good rate.

Do you measure the cost of your people and establish how profitable they are? I should hope so.  The return on investment from your people will dictate if you keep them on and if you reach your financial goals or not.

Shouting down the phone

A telephone is just a tool to connect you with someone.  So why not send a letter?  Or just send more emails?  Why invest in a telephone too?  Because the potential in the telephone is huge.  You can communicate with people pretty much anywhere in the world and pass on whatever message you want.  You can instantly change tact if the message you are sending isn’t resonating.  There is a constant feedback loop to help steer the next message in that conversation.  But the success of a telephone really lies with the person dialing out.

Next time you think about the channels you market through assess if the way you are “dialing out” is good enough.  The success of marketing often lies with the person dialing out.