In business we spend our time solving problems.  Most of us are thinking about fixing or improving something before we clock off at the end of the day.  This probably means we are thinking tactically.  Thinking tactically isn’t a bad thing as it would be terrible to think strategically all the time; nothing would ever get done.

But in a business there needs to be a combination of strategic thinking and tactical decision making.

How can you tell the difference?
Ask yourself what your current problem is.

“I need more CVs from accountants”

Tactically you might do a dozen things; post some jobs, ask for referrals etc.  But if you probe deeper and ask “Why” you’ll unearth something new.  A bigger problem.

“Why do I need more CVs from accountants?  Why don’t I already have them?”

It might be because you aren’t known in this market or it is incredibly competitive.

“Why aren’t we known?  Why is it so hard to attract these candidates?”

It might be because your brand isn’t recognised or respected in that market.

“Why isn’t my brand known?  Why don’t people care about us?”

If you have a problem then ask yourself “Why” at least three times or until you come to the root of a problem.  These are your strategic problems.  A strategic problem when solved should help to improve your business for the long term and understanding your strategic problems will help you know the best tactics to use.

Start by asking “Why” more.

Update to post…

Tim Grogan kindly shared this framework called “The 5 Whys”.

You can read more about this here…