LinkedIn is one of the most laid-back companies I’ve worked at from a dress-sense perspective.  I’ve seen people wearing shorts in the office.  Actual shorts.  Sometimes even with flip-flops.

Whilst I have adapted my old-fashioned ways and developed a fondness for Casual Fridays (heck, I’ve been spotted in a t-shirt and hoody) I will never see a client in a t-shirt.  And neither will the majority of my colleagues.

But why not?

A t-shirt in a business meeting doesn’t deliver the right message.  No matter how laid back your company or your client, if you are discussing a professional solution the industry standard is to wear something professional.  Not necessarily a suit.  Suits are no longer the by-word for professional.  That isn’t expected in this day and age.  But you need to wear something that meets the standards of a professional company.

Casual Friday Darth Vadar

Your clients and candidates expect to see you in a certain way; and whilst you may wear shorts and flip-flops in the office when no-one is around, you need to be dressed to impress online.  How are you positioning your business across your website or social media?  Is it shorts or a shirt?

Having a minimum standard is essential.  A website and social media presence today is how you are dressed when no-one is looking.   Button up or risk the chance of failing at the first impression.