Content is King. We know. We’ve been hearing it for the best part of eight years.

But still so many recruitment companies aren’t focusing on creating unique content as part of their strategy. Here are three reasons why it is still important.

1. Search Engine Optimisation

If Google isn’t one of the top sources of traffic to your business you are probably in trouble. Still in 2017 the best way to rank within the search engines is to create good quality content specific to the search queries your target audience are looking for. So if you are trying to drive applications for “site manager jobs in Plymouth” how well does your site rank for that term? If it doesn’t, then start creating content around each of those key terms and the phrase as a whole.

Not fussed about ranking organically? Well if you are investing in pay per click and Google Adwords the more relevant your website content the cheaper it becomes to advertise.

2. Social Media

Referrals to websites from social media have increased dramatically over the past few years. And this will be the same for your business if you are creating content regularly.

When looking to grow followers on social media, creating a reason for these people to come back time after time is key. That reason is content.

Check out these key metrics to measure social media.

3. Content Convinces

Unless you are the only business doing what you do and your audience has no alternative then you need to convince people to work with you. Content will allow you to convince candidates, clients and future employees that you are the business for them.

The best recruitment marketers are those who are able to use content to persuade. Whilst a recruiter can do this on an individual level a marketer can do this at scale.

You know content is fundamental to digital marketing so create some today.

Looking for ways to start? Check out this framework.