At least not in most traditional recruitment businesses.

In recent times the term growth hacking has become mainstream having started with online businesses, apps and eCommerce websites. Here is why I don’t think you can growth hack recruitment.

Growth hackers should start their approach at the product idea stage. In recruitment (and for that matter, others traditional service businesses) it isn’t really a product which can be manipulated, changed or optimised on the go. Growth hackers need to be able to change their product or service quickly based on live customer feedback and demand. Most traditional and established recruitment companies can’t pivot that fast or offer that many different services.

What recruitment companies may be able to use growth hacking for include launching new industry / functional divisions, new business offerings (such as RPO) or additional services (especially if those services could be found online).

Why we should learn about growth hacking

Whilst it is unlikely that we will see real growth hackers in recruitment it is certainly important to understand what growth hackers are doing and how they operate. Most of the core principles of growth hacking boil down to good research, an ongoing understanding of the market, good digital marketing and an ability to get insight from data. Growth hackers will tend to have digital experience and be able to build and amend websites or digital platforms (like apps) to launch new products, service lines or optimise based on feedback and data.

These are for the most part skills that recruitment marketers should learn to remain relevant in this day and age. You may not be able to growth hack recruitment, but you should know about it.

For more information on growth hacking read this book.