Building a social media presence that delivers results requires a consistent approach to posting and sharing. In every blog, podcast, social media presentation on the topic regular and consistent posting is mentioned.

Look at consistency in two parts: consistency of message and regularity of post.

Consistency of message.

Consider the content you want to be known for and the problems you can help people / organisations solve. By posting about these topics consistently you have a better chance of ranking within searchs when people look for these key terms. 

In addition to increasing the chances of being found you will also make it clear what your interests and expertises are. This is what builds your brand.

Regularity of posts.

With each social media site there is a different expectation of frequency of posting. If blogging the expectation is not that you post daily, but if you aren’t posting daily on Twitter then it doesn’t look great.

Establish how frequently you should be posting and make a note in your calendar as a reminder of when you need to be posting. 

When posting on social media or writing content it is important to ensure you aren’t posting for postings’ sake. Only post when you have something to say or when the quality of the content going out can be assured. As mentioned above, you want to be known for something – don’t let it be for sharing poor quality content! (Read this blog to see how frequently you should post)