The word January comes from the Roman God Janus who had two faces – one looking forward the other back. It is a month of reflection but also an opportunity to set goals and objectives for the year ahead.

Use this time to take stock of your social media footprint and set goals for the coming four quarters.

Personally, I look at three key metrics to measure social media:

  2. Engagement
  3. Business Outcomes

For more on measuring social media.

The simplest way to assess these first two metrics is in the analytics tools on each social platform. For example on Twitter go to their analytics tool.

To measure the third (Business Outcomes) depends on the specific goals you or your business have. For most organisations undertaking recruitment marketing it would be applications, CV submissions or clients contacting you. Your LinkedIn contact should be able to provide these or you can access them via your dashboard. Your job board account manager can assist or you can track via tools like Broadbean or BullHorn. Don’t forget that you can track this on your own website by setting up Goal Conversions in Google Analytics.

If you want a quick snapshot of your overall social footprint you can also use tools like Klout.

Klout gives you a score to benchmark yourself against others and measure changes and trends over time.

Setting your social media goals.

Once you have taken stock of your current footprint it now time to look at what you plan on achieving this year.

For me this year I want to achieve the following:

  1. Views. Grow my Follower base on Instagram for the Guildford Sourdough Club to at least 12,000. Grow my Twitter Followers to 8,000. Increase my blog views by 500% year over year.
  2. Engagement. Improve my Twitter engagement to 1% consistently. Improve the volume of content and commentary I share on LinkedIn. Drive up my LinkedIn profile views. Improve my Klout score to 65. Start to hit 500 Likes ❤️ per post on Instagram consistently.
  3. Business Outcomes. Drive more business opportunities via Instagram. Drive more business opportunities via new and existing contacts on LinkedIn.

At this point I feel these goals are ambitious, but achievable. Expect some follow ups on a quarterly basis where I can review and assess how each of these is progressing.

What are your social media goals for 2017? Leave a comment below.