If I had hair I’d be pulling it out. I just get so frustrated when I see people laughing in the face of logic.

Recently I’ve been listening to the full series of Scale Up podcasts by the REC with Kevin Green and various business owners in recruitment. It has been brilliant.

One theme that repeats time and time again is that businesses who grow fast have all invested heavily in marketing, advertising and branding. Adam Buck CEO of Phaidon said he ploughed the majority of his money and profits into advertising which helped him and Shelby Jennings grow in the UK and internationally. John O’Sullivan, when setting up Best People, said advertising was what made the difference for them. It helped them hire talent, win clients and get candidates. The founder of Sigmar Adrian McGennis said their advertising was a key driver of their success.

But every day I hear recruitment businesses not wanting to invest in marketing, branding or advertising. 

It frustrates me.

Whilst I applaud them for their undying self-belief, thinking that they can do things their way, that they can be successful even though they aren’t following the rules of good business or that they are somehow exempt from taking the path most other successful companies have already carved out. 

It frustrates me. 

Be head strong by all means. Successful entrepreneurs often are. But please, have sense. Save yourself the hassle and take the easy way out. Focus more energy on doing a good job, advertising in the right way, communicate effectively and watch your business grow. 

Recruitment doesn’t need to be this hard. Take heed of those who have gone before you and follow suit.

Good luck.