I love recruitment. I love it because the talent you hire builds your business.

cropped-22-1AlexCharraudeau.jpgSince graduation I have been involved with the staffing industry. First starting as a recruitment consultant and then moving into digital marketing for recruitment agencies. I now work at LinkedIn – the platform that is transforming the industry.

With experience that includes recruitment and employer branding, website build and implementation, search engine marketing, email marketing, digital strategy, and social media marketing I help recruitment agencies to use LinkedIn effectively.

Today I am lucky enough to lead a team working both on pre sales Media Solution and post sales implementation and optimisation of media campaigns.


When I work with clients we tend to:
– Understand their business’ objectives
– Research their market place
– Plan a strategy
– Look at the tactical implementation
– Execute
– Measure and assess
– Adapt and iterate to improve campaigns and strategies

Get in touch if you would like to speak about recruitment marketing and the industry, or feel free to read my blog posts below.