In 3 days I will be running 26miles in Brighton.  “Why would you do that Alex?” you may be asking yourselves.  I have been asking exactly the same question…

The answer is this: The Jungle Book.
When Rudyard Kipling wrote the Jungle Book (1894)
10,000,000 African elephants and over 100,000 Asian elephants.

When Walt Disney released the Jungle Book (1967)
1,300,000 African elephants and over 80,000 Asian elephants.

When I first watched the film (1988)
600,000 African elephants and 60,000 Asian elephants.

When my son watched the film (2013)
Circa 400,000 African elephants and circa 30,000 Asian elephants.

What about when his kids watch it?  

The sad thing is that in a few years’ time books and films like the Jungle Book will be as fantastical as Toy Story and Peter Pan.  Our children’s children will have no frame of reference for animals in the wild.  The likelihood of them seeing wild life in the wild will be pretty much non-existent.

That makes me sad.  What is sadder is to think that the majority of these animals have been killed for their ivory.

I am running 26 grueling mile for the World Wildlife Foundation and in particular elephants.  If you can please donate a small amount it will pay for guards to stop poachers, for rehabilitation for injured elephants and help feed orphaned elephants.  I, the WWF, and the elephants would certainly appreciate it.

Please don’t feel pressured to give me anything massive; but a few pounds, euros, dollars would go a long way.  And elephants can’t count so they don’t know!
Click here to go donate…

By the way – here is me on my honeymoon at an elephant orphanage in Sri Lanka with Raja the 50+ year old blind elephant who gets fed, watered and taken to swim in the local river every day by a great charity.

Thank you very much for helping!
All the best,